Meet Hauna!  Staying fit has always been a part of my life but my passion for dance played a huge part in it. Starting at age five, I took classes in all styles of dance to become well rounded. In the fourth grade, I tried out for my studio’s competitive team. Each year I learned/ perfected at least 7-11 dances; anything from solos, duets to large group routines. I would call my dance studio a second home for the endless hours I spent there every day of the week.


When I graduated high school, I auditioned for a company at Miami University and went on to coach a junior high and high school dance team for four years.


When I moved to Oakley, I started exploring the fitness world by taking different classes and I fell in love with group classes. Before I knew it, I started teaching my own classes. As much as I enjoy working out for myself, I love motivating and challenging people to push beyond their limits. When I’m not teaching fitness classes, I’m teaching and inspiring children K-6th grade how to express themselves through their artwork. In my free time, I enjoy painting (or anything artsy) and discovering new restaurants and breweries in the city with my family and friends. 


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Group Fitness Instructor


  • Cookies

  • Pizza

  • Craft Beer


  • I ran 30 races before the age of 30.

  • I’m a big country fan.

  • I have a dog named after Luke Bryan.  


​The accountability and setting goals to make the right choices for your own body. Not comparing yourself to others but challenging yourself to push beyond your limits and make a change for the better. 

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